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Had to get Lulu a new collar today because when I took her collar off when she had a bath I noticed her skin had red bits all around her neck so bought a fabric collar to see if that solves the problem.
I think she had a few to many treats today because when I went out to get my methadone in the car when I got back she had pooed all in the cage and there was loads of it and it was all runny.
Proper disgusting that was over 3 hours ago now and I can still smell shit even though straight away I threw the mat it was on in the bin I have had all the windows open and the back door and sprayed air freshener but the smell just wont go its driving me crazy.
I watched The dog rescuers on Channel 5 yesterday and one of the houses the RSPCA were called out to when the guy opened the door there was shit and piss on absolutely every inch of the floor in the whole house I really don't understand how the people could of lived with that it must of been terrible the smell, the person who lived there had 2 adult dogs and the female had just had a litter of pups and the guy had sold a few and was left with about 4 so he signed the pups over to the RSPCA but they also took the adult dogs telling them they would be back to check if they cleaned up and if they did they would get the 2 dogs back and they went back to check and they had cleared up so they got their 2 dogs back but me I still wouldn't of given them back the conditions they were living in were terrible.


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