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purple___rain's Journal

1 July 1983
2pac, 43 things, akon, ancient egypt, animals, art, bbc, big brother, biology, bjork, bob marley, bollywood, books, breaking bad, comics, computer graphics, conspiracy theories, cooking, data visualization, depression, devils rejects, dido, diet, disney, dizzy rascal, drawing, dre, drug addiction, egypt, eminem, family, fire camp, firefox, food, freddy kruegar, fucked up shit, gardening, geography, girls, glee, gmail, google, gore, gothicness, graphic novels, greasemonkey, harry potter, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, html, human anatomy, iggie pop, infographics, information, internet, jade goody, jammer, jayz, jodeci, keith sweat, kittie, last fm, layouts, learning, lesbian, lethal bizzle, lil wayne, linkin park, literature, lord of the rings, lost, ludacris, making new friends, marilyn manson, memoires, mental health, misfits, missy elliot, mitchell brothers, movies, mozilla thunderbird, music, news, notorious b.i.g, occult, paint shop pro 9, parenting, philosophy, photography, photoshop, placebo, poetry, porn, pregnancy, psychology, rain, rammstein, reading, rob zombie, science, serial killers, sex, shameless, shawshank redemption, sims 2 stories, skins, slipknot, suicide girls, sway, the hills have eyes, the sims 1, the sims 2, the streets, the walking dead, thunderstorms, till lindemann, trainspotting, transglobal underground, trinity, true blood, true crime, true stories, vampires, video games, war movies, wikipedia, women, womens health, working out, wrestling, wwe, zombies