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What sexual flavour are you?


Only a few positions, usually just touch foreplay (no oral, or only occasional) monogamous at all times, no porn, no toys, no outfits etc. Usually prefers evening sex in bed or on a special occasion outside of the bedroom. Likes to read 50 shades of grey but gets a giggle out of it and would never actually try it!


Likes to try out some new positions, enjoys oral foreplay, special occasions toys and costumes, some porn, enjoys morning sex but usually only after brushed teeth. Usually monogamous. Enjoys sex in other rooms/shower etc. Has read the Karma Sutra but still trying to work out how to pull it off.


Enjoys porn, multiple toys, experimental, multiple partners (also monogamous) likes to have sex outdoors, enjoys making home movies, has been involved in threesomes or more. Anal, oral and BDSM are options. Owns a copy of the 120 days of Sodom


No holes barred, anything goes as long as its consensual and legal (mostly) Has an extensive underground porn collection...

I'm Chocolate/Rainbow  I do own a copy of the 120 days of Sodom lol

About Me

Name: Sarah
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Status: Its Complicated
Children: 1 girl, 1 boy
Lives: Cambridge, UK
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

My kids, Reading, Books, Music, T.V, DVD's, The Sims 2, Cooking, Harry Potter, Lost, Afterlife, Bad Girls, Horror, Bollywood, Learning, Internet, Firefox, Thunderbird, Winamp, Last.FM, Gmail, Livejournal, Wikipedia, Paintshop Pro 8&9, Photoshop, Drinking tea, Writing, Psychology, Mental health, Addiction recovery, Abuse Recovery,Friends.

George Bush, Tony Blair, Israeli Terrorists, Drunks, Bullys, Being fat, Rapists, Elitists, Real player, Internet Explorer, Time computers, The computer shop